We, the people of Bille Kingdom at home and in Diaspora united in diversity, and from all walks of life, deeply conscious of history, express our deep appreciation to all past generations for their noble efforts to sustain a unique Bille kingdom and the development efforts achieved so far.

2. Bille kingdom is self-confident in its identity, heritage, culture and shared values and as a strong, united entity has the capability to realize her full potential in development, culture and peace and to establish a flourishing, inclusive and prosperous society.

3. Bille Kingdom has been in its present locationin Degema local government area, south of Port Harcourt and near Bonny since the 9th century but is no way comparable to her contemporaries with whom she settled in the Eastern Niger Delta.

4. We realize that if we continue to wallow in self-pity and play the blame game we shall remain underdeveloped and have no future for our children. The Present generations are confident that the destiny of Bille Kingdom is in their hands, and that they must act now to shape the future they want.

5. In realization of this grim fact We as a people have decided to take this new and noble initiative to review our past and commit ourselves to a path of growth and Development beyond Oil and we pledge to implement a Development Agenda renewable every twenty years , with the first Agenda tagged – Bille Kingdom Development Agenda 2040.

Bille Development

    6. In this respect we have focused our aspirations (Vision/Blue print) around nine (9)
     thematic areas as follows:

             1. Economic Development
             2. Human Capital Development
             3. Health Development
             4. Youth/Socio-Cultural Development
             5. Environmental Sustainability activities
             6. Political Evolution
             7. Infrastructural Development and Maintenance
             8. Information & Communication Development
             9. Legal Capacity Development

The steps to be taken shall include:

a. mobilization of the people and their ownership of this Development Aspiration; Building on a principle of self-direction, self-reliance and actively seeking financing from its own and stakeholders operating in its territory for development;

b. advocacy for promotion of capable manpower for administration of its development drive, inclusive growth and accountability at all levels and in all spheres;

c. Promoting the critical role of unity among interest groups and Communities for the development of the kingdom;

d. take into account the special challenges faced by the kingdom over the years; and holding ourselves and our governments and institutions accountable for results.

7. We realize that this Development Agenda 2040 will not happen spontaneously, it will require conscious and deliberate efforts to nurture a transformative leadership that will drive the agenda and defend the Kingdom’s interests.

8. To realize our Aspiration We rededicate ourselves to the Development vision of our land to achieve “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Kingdom, driven by its own citizens to make Bille Kingdom an enviable state for reference.”

So help Us God and all Development Partners of Bille!

Bille Development
Bille Development



PORT HARCOURT: Bille House, #6 Niger Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
ABUJA LIASON OFFICE: Suite C8, AlphaCell Plaza, 12 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja

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